Refresh Your Vocabulary by These Simple Tips

If your work involves e-mailing lots of people, having a wide range of vocabulary will be an advantage. Especially if you are socializing and working with people in the real-world daily, a large vocabulary is a priceless asset. And if you love playing puzzles and word games, having a useful vocabulary is essential. Here are a few of the simple tips you can try to enhance your vocabulary.

Keep Reading

If you are reading this manual, you believe that you might need to increase your vocabulary. This means that you must expose yourself from a lot of new words from reliable sources. For instance, measure around Agatha Christie if you’re reading Nancy Drew’s puzzles. While flipping through soap opera updates, you can challenge yourself to read the editorial column section.

flipping the pages of the book

Try to read regularly. Whether short articles, books, and stories that are just a little challenging. Keep a dictionary nearby or on an online dictionary while reading. And remember, just because you’ve never looked up a term doesn’t mean you can’t understand its meaning. If you reread the word under its context, you might be able to understand its purpose on your own.

Play Some Word Games

Never underestimate the value of playing word games. The Reader’s Digest section has been in operation for decades with a Word Power section. It contains challenging sentences along with the answers and explanations about the topic.

Word games such as crossword puzzles are intended to expand your vocabulary and are also a corrective exercise. You will probably discover new meanings. They do not contain any meaning of words, while word search puzzles can be fun to get some, their usefulness is minimal at best.

Take Advantage of Intellectuals

people talking with books

Having conversations with people who have good vocabularies can be useful to stretch yourself just as you may need on having reading materials. It may be useful as it may be necessary to stretch in conversations. You will gain confidence when you hear others use a new word correctly and fluently.

If one of your friends has a remarkable command of the language, he won’t mind you asking, “What is the term again? I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before.” You’ll find something informational, and your friend will feel appreciated for the recognition of their skills.